Viakal Limescale Remover Liquid 500ml - Pack of 5

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Viakal timescale remover Spray 500ml Viakal Classic is ideal for removing even the toughest limescale and cleaning soaps and watermarks in your bathroom and kitchen. Used regularly, Viakal will provide clean and shiny surfaces every day. Its special formula respects your surfaces and helps prevent limescale return. For almost all of us, limescale is a real problem wherever there is water: in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. As it builds up, It can plug the showerhead so the water only comes out in a trickle or squirts out at an odd angle, wetting everything in the room except you. Viakal winning Formula removes limescale instantly and protects your surfaces 3x longer against other limescale removers. And, with its smart water-sheeting membrane, Viakal even keeps watermarks at bay - for a sparkling clean bathroom and kitchen sink day after day. Everything about Viakal makes life easier. You simply set the nozzle to 'on' And spray the tiles, shower screens, taps, and shower controls. Then Wipe with a dry or damp cloth and rinse thoroughly with water. Then stand back to admire the gleaming chrome and dazzlingly clean tiles.

  • The formula helps remove limescale
  • Prevents limescale return
  • Leaves a shine that lasts
  • Great for use in kitchen and bathroom
  • Removes watermarks