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  • PADDINGTON BEAR GAME: This fantastic new game allows you to take Paddington Bear along his travels through London on the way to The Browns. This will be a great contribution for a Paddington Bear party.
  • PADDINGTON BEAR FILM: This great british game will make a fantastic paddington bear present for those that loved the Paddington Bear movie or Paddington Bear film that were set in London.
  • PADDINGTON BEAR PRESENTS: You and your family will have great time helping Paddington Bear get home to 32 Windsor Gardens. On this way around the board, you will visit some of London’s famous landmarks and take selfies for his scrapbook.
  • PADDINGTON BEAR BOARD GAME: This game suitable for kids above 5 years old. The aim is to collect 4 selfies and get Paddington Bear home in time for tea. Paddington gets the chance to stop for Marmalade sandwiches and practice the Paddington Bear stare.
  • PADDINGTON BEAR ARTS AND CRAFT: This fun Paddington Bear activity game is a fun way of spending time with your kids or grandkids. This game will accompany Paddington Bear merchandise or other Paddington Bear toys that you already own


Details: Product Description Players race, as Paddington Bear, to find the Brown family. On the way he must visit famous London locations and collect pictures for his scrapbook. It’s Paddington Bear… so it will be a fun Adventure! Safety Warning Small Parts Box Contains 24 Mystery cards; 24 selfie picture cards; 6 London attraction pieces; 4 Paddington playing pieces; 4 My scrap books; 1 playing board; 1 Dice

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 10.9 x 2.7 inches

Languages: English