Toys And Me 12214 Summer Fun Tiana Unboxing Studio

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  • Toys And Me 12214 Summer Fun Tiana Unboxing Studio, Multi-Colour
  • Set up your very own YouTube unboxing studio just like Tiana.
  • Complete with mini Tiana doll, unboxing desk and 3 surprise accessories to collect!
Get in on the unboxing action with this adorable Tiana Unboxing Studio! Use the included background and unboxing stand to set up a mini unboxing channel for your cute, articulated Tiana doll. Help Tiana unbox the three summer-themed surprise accessories that you'll find in her Unboxing Studio. It'll be a surprise for both of you! You can use the included phone stand to film the unboxing action or create and record your own exciting, surprise videos. Unboxing action and surprises for 3 and over.