Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger

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Toy Story Collection Buzz Light-year is highly detailed deluxe film replica from DISNEY/PIXAR’s digital data. Buzz is fully poseable with points of articulation including fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, ankles, knees and legs! Push red oval chest button for classic “Buzz Toy” phrases. Press blue oval chest button and he responds as “Space Ranger” Buzz with moving head action! He even knows if you’re talking loudly. Talk to Buzz and he’ll respond to your voice in Talk Back Mode. (Green oval button for ON/OFF Talk Back feature). Press red round chest button for pop-out wing action and light-up wing tips. Level sensor knows when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing vertically and responds with flying/landing sound effects. Press his arm button for laser light-up and sound effects. Open or close his helmet or arm communicator and he reacts with related phrases and sound effects. Soft rubber waist and glow-in-the-dark green trim. The Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity is included. Buzz has over 65 sayings in original voice.

  • Over 65 sayings in original voice
  • Dual Space Ranger and Toy Modes
  • Interactive Talk Back communication
  • Retractable helmet, flip-up wrist communicator and body with sensors for interactive responses
  • Fully poseable with pop-out wings, glow-in-the-dark trim, Multiple lights and SFX