The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Bait Station

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Need to rid your home and garden of rat and mouse infestations and looking to use poison baits? By law, a bait station is required when baiting rats and mice. The Rat & Mouse Bait Station from The Big Cheese is ideal with the lock and key feature, making it tamper resistant. Protect children and pets from accidental contact with rodent baits. The black, low-profile design is shock-resistant and can be used in the home and outdoors in gardens, garages, sheds and outbuildings. Use with block bait, pasta bait, and grain bait. Simply place the bait inside the station, lock it and position the station where rodents have been active. Store the key away from the box, somewhere secure and out of the reach of children. A locking rod is provided to secure block baits in place. It is recommended that The Big Cheese bait is used as these come in pre-measured packs which can be easily inserted into the bait station.

  • Compact bait station: measuring 22.6 x 12 x 7.6cm, the rodent bait station has a black, low-profile design to fit alongside walls and rodent pathways
  • Use with all rodent bait: the bait station is compatible with all different types of rodent bait including block bait, grain bait, pasta bait and natural grain bait. Bait is not included and must be bought separately
  • Key and lock feature: lockable bait station protects children and pets from accidental contact with rodent bait
  • Easy to set up: the bait station simply needs bait placed inside before locking and setting in place where rodents have been active
  • Bait station is required by law when baiting rodents