Self Heating Pet Pad for Dogs and Cats without Electricity or Batteries

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Brand: DOXA


  • SELF-HEATING/ENERGY EFFICIENT: Our pet bed, ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic pets is made with a heat reflecting layer along with thermal insulation designed cleverly to emphasize and reflect your pets heat back at them. This is an ideal, and energy efficient way to keep your pets cozy during the cold winter months in light of rising energy costs.
  • ALL SEASON USE: After the cold months are over, you could still use this pet pad to keep your lovely pets cozy with this premium pet pads. You can flip this upside down to keep your pet cool during the hot summer months.
  • NON-SLIP BACKING WITH FRICTION: To make this a durable sleeping mat, the under part behind the fleece, sheeplike wool texture has some friction to allow this pad to be placed directly on hard floors without being slippery for you, your dogs, or your kids.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: This puppy pad doubles as a dog pad, or cat pad, and it is completely machine washable. The removable outer cover can be placed and cleaned in the washing machine without any fear of fraying or shrinkage allowing for easy maintenance.

Details: With energy prices continuing to rise, and everyone feels the pinch, insulate your pets with this energy efficient self heating pet pads. It is made with soft, comfortable wool, which encloses a layer of reflective material with thermal insulation cleverly designed to emphasize and reflect your pet’s body heat so they stay cosy and comfortable without needing to break the bank and increase your energy bills. It is a pet essential for winter and for your pets to have their nice pet naps. This pet pad can be used all year round, during the warmer months, you could simply flip over the self heating pad so your pet can chill on the cooler side without the self-warming effect. Key Features: Self-warming with cleverly designed heat reflective material; 64 by 49cm Self heating pet cushion No Power or Batteries needed Soft sheep wool for double the comfort; Machine washable for easy maintenance - helps keep your pet's bed fresh and clean. Ps. For maximum efficiency, ensure to place your pet’s self heating bed in a private, secure and accessible spot free from draughts. Also, check your pet’s beddings for any damage, remove and replace them if damaged because if parts become detached, it could be a choking hazard.

EAN: 5060946101303