Sly Sippy Premium Christmas Gonk Hot Water Bottle with Cover| 1L Water Bottle with Cute Christmas Gonk| Natural Rubber Plush Gonk Water Bottles| Novelty Hot Water Bottle with Cover

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Brand: Sly Sippy

Color: Christmas Gonk


  • PRODUCT DETAILS: This product contains a 1-liter hot water bottle made with natural rubber dexterously inserted in a beautiful plush Christmas gonk material. Perfect for heat therapy, keeping warm during the cold months, relieving stomach pains, muscle pains, cramps, period pain relief, or muscle tightness from the gym or the weather. This hot water bottles can be used for and by kids, adults, and even pets. It could pass as a kid’s hot water bottle with cover just as it is suitable for adults.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The material used in crafting this gorgeous Christmas plush hot water bottle are of impeccable quality, and finer craftsmanship to ensure that can be used for the longest time while staying comfortable. The cover is made from a plus fabric, beautiful and soft to touch, perfect for cuddling. This hot water bottle could be used as a bed warmer, or sleep aids for adults. It is very easy to use and very effective at soothing or comforting you than the average hot water bottles.
  • PERFECT SIZE: This plush hot water bottle with cover is designed for maximum comfort, resulting in a cute little cuddly Christmas Gonk. They are flexible enough to withstand being cuddled for long hours, and their heat retaining quality allows them to keep you warm during the chilly advent and nights. This feels more comfortable than hot water bottles with fleece covers, it gives you a soothing and relaxing feel.
  • GIFT: Looking for wellness gifts for women? beautiful Christmas gifts for children, or Christmas gifts for men, or Christmas presents in general? Hot water bottle gift set for women? This is a top-tier gift as it serves a multiplicity of needs. One of which is being a beautiful way to stay warm without incurring costs during the cold autumn and winter nights especially now where energy prices are going through the roof. It could also a gift that could keep your kids, and pets warm.
  • ECO FRIENDLY, ENERGY EFFICIENT, AND COST EFFECTIVE: Save on heating bills during the colder months with our hot water bottles UK. It is sure to keep you and your little ones warm during the cold months. Our novelty hot water bottles would help ensure you are comfortable regardless of the cold. The beautiful huggable hot water bottle with soft fluffy covers can be used for heat therapy to provide relief pain from cramps, muscle aches, and body aches.


Details: Our Christmas gonk hot water bottles is a premium plush hot water bottle suitable for kids, adults, and even pets during the cold months. It is a convenient way to save on your heating bills as these easy-to-use hot water bottles can be used to keep you and your loved ones warm, ensuring you can fall asleep soundly regardless of the cold weather. The plush water bottles are made with premium quality materials including the natural rubber and the large cover to ensure water is sealed properly. How to use: Step 1: Fill with Hot water (Do not use boiling water) Step 2: Replace the lid of the bottle (Try to give a little squeeze to ensure air bubbles are not trapped in the bottle) Step 3: Ensure the bottle is sealed properly. The natural rubber hot water bottle is enclosed in a plush material, the plush Christmas gnome, Gonks are said to protect the home, bring good luck, and cheer in Nordic mythology. Other than that, the materials are so beautiful that they could also be used as Christmas plush decorations, Christmas gonks, or Christmas gnomes when not in use.

EAN: 5060946101419

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 9.8 x 2.4 inches