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Color: Multicolor


  • Shuffle Nerf - Match colours and slam your Dart cards onto the targets. You’ll need to think fast and move faster to win the game!
  • The player with the highest score when all the targets are used up is the NERF Champion!
  • Game Guide Included with Quick Start Video’s
  • Free Shuffle iOS or Android App to enhance the game play from a traditional card game.
  • Gamplay lasts approx. 15 minutes. Suitable for ages 6+ and 2-6 Players


Details: Product Description Shuffle Nerf is a fast quick thinking card game, match colours and slam your dart cards onto targets the player with the highest score when all the targets are used up is the NERF Champion! HOW TO PLAY - Starting player, counts down. 3,2,1… “Blast!”, flip over the top card and slam it on the table. Try to put the card on a target that has the same colour(s) as your darts. You have to be lightning fast or another player could steal your thunder! You MUST play a Dart card on every round. If none of the colours on your Dart card match any of the targets on the table, you missed! Play onto ANY target. End of blast means end of round. If your dart matched all the colours on the Target card, it’s yours. ∞Keep it beside you and put any Darts on it back in your hand at the bottom. If one player plays some of the colours on a Target card and a second player plays the card that completes it, the first player wins the target. ∞You cannot double up on a target colour if another one is free. If two players played Dart cards onto the same Target card and matched all the colours, the dart that hit the target first wins. ∞If two players slam a card down on a target at exactly the same time, the player whose Dart card has the most darts wins. If it’s a perfect draw, your darts bounce off each other... Bad luck! Put both your Dart cards under your Blaster. ∞Reset! Lay out new Target cards, so there are always 4 on the table. Leave any unclaimed Target cards where they are, along with any Dart cards. On the next round, any player can win that target. ∞Blasters at the ready… Keep playing until all the Target cards have been used up, or any player runs out of Dart cards. Play with less targets for a faster game. Download the free Shuffle Nerf App to change the gameplay from a traditional card game and for quick start videos (available on iOS and Android. Gameplay lasts approximately 15 minutes A game guide is included with full instructions on how to play. Suitable for ages 6= and 2-6 players. Safety Warning Not suitable for under 36 months Box Contains 60 cards, instructions and free Shuffle app

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches