Salvator Dali Mask for Halloween, Cosplay, Money Bank Heist fun

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  • HIGH QUALITY MASK: A one-size fit all mask inspired by the Spanish artist Salvator Dali and the hit TV series. This mask is made with hypoallergenic and certified materials. It is made of premium and high-quality materials, giving it a beautiful feel to touch. It is breathable with openings for the eyes and nostrils; you can see through both openings as well, and it straps in a snug manner on the face of the wearer.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: To make Halloween and other events where this mask would be worn more special, this mask is made from and texturized from premium plastics and polyester to ensure that it is hard enough but not too hard to become brittle or too pliable to become very flimsy to wear. They look just like what you would see in the Money Bank Heist series. It makes a splendid Halloween mask for men and women.
  • WATER PROOF AND BREATHABLE: This Halloween mask is made of materials that cannot be damaged by water, be it through splashes, rainfall, or falling into a puddle. It is a durable and beautiful mask that complements Halloween costumes for men and women and would make a perfect gift for Money Bank Heist fans.
  • COSPLAY: In the market for Halloween costumes or Halloween masks, or just for cosplay? Look no further with our Money Bank Heist robber mask costume, which goes so well with the regular Money Bank Heist outfits for Halloween. If you are a fan of the purge mask, scream mask, squid game mask, or Michael Myers mask and you are looking for a new addition to your mask collection or want to wear a robber costume, then this particular Money Bank Heist Mask would be a delight to you.
  • BELLA CIAO: The mask is made with impeccable craftsmanship and is likely to impress everyone where ever you go with it. It is unisex i.e., Halloween mask for men and women and one size fits all.