Petkin Plaque Teeth Cleaning Gel - Mint Flavour

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Brand: Sharples & Grant Ltd


  • PETKIN Plaque Teeth Clean Gel Mint 120ml - A specially formulated Plaque & Breath Gel to target plaque which is the route cause of bad doggy breath
  • Once applied, this extremely effective formula stays on the teeth for longer allowing more time to effectively clean teeth and gums and keep tartar at bay
  • The Cool mint flavour keeps breath fresh.Twist Top Applicator For Controlled & Easy Administering: Contains Baking Soda which is proven to naturally kill bacteria and help stop new bacteria from forming
  • Excellent at keeping odours at bay
  • Also contains Zinc Gluconate
  • Zinc is proven to inhibit odour formation and hence “doggy breath”
  • Zinc also helps heal the gum tissues, revitalizing the lost collagen component in them
  • Aloe Vera: A recent study published in the journal General Dentistry shows that Aloe Vera Gel is as effective in controlling bacteria as any other commercially available toothpaste
  • In addition, Aloe Vera is an Anti-Inflammatory which can help with Gingivitis and other mild forms of Gum Disease
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride: This special compound reduces plaque and calculus
  • It is one of only three antimicrobial systems to be proven and classified as safe and effective for the treatment of plaque-induced gingivitis
  • Vet approved
  • The gel penetrates any gaps and will fight plague and bad breath
  • Natural products
  • You can also use this product on a toothrush as necessary for your pet

model number: 5391

Part Number: 246701

Details: Product Description Petkins hygiene range Box Contains Petkin Plague teeth cleaning Gel, Mint flavour

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