Peppa Pig Campervan Bath Gift Set| Peppa Pig Bath Toys| Children’s Gift Set – Bath Toy with Fruity Fun Fragrance, Suitable for Sensitive Skin| Peppa Pig Figures, Shower Gel, and Bath Stickers

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Brand: Sly SIppy


  • PEPPA PIG BATH SET: Many kids and children of all ages love bath bombs, lego bath toys and several iterations of Peppa Pig Bath set, this is no different, this new fruity fun Peppa Pig bath set with toys, bath and shower gel includes, 4 character cut-out Peppa Pig Figures, Bath numbers, a dazzling, brilliant blue shower puff, a 150ml bath and shower gel that is pH neutral with zero allergens, developed with a mild and gentle formula for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This Peppa pig bath toy is unlike many bath toys for 3 year olds, peppa pig toys for 2 year olds and above that are made with allergenic materials. This bath set was developed with mild and gentle formula, yet containing a delightfully rich fruity scent to make bath times fun for kids.
  • COLOURFUL PEPPA PIG TOYS AND BEAUTIFUL SCENT: A common feature of the regular toys for kids, boys, and girls is the bright, beautiful colours. Like common with other Peppa Pig Birthday decorations, peppa pig toys, lego camper van, this Peppa Pig Camper van holds bright and beautiful Peppa Pig figures alongside other bathing products, like the sweet smelling bath and shower gel.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR PEPPA PIG FANS: The Peppa Pig camper van bath set is the perfect gift you can get any Peppa gift fan, it is sure to delight them and leave them squealing for happiness. This Peppa pig bath set contains sponges for bath and sweet bath and shower gels, alongside a cleverly designed Peppa pig bath toy holder in form of a camper van that has a suction component to ensure it adheres to the bathroom wall, sink or any place necessary.
  • If you are looking for Christmas gift, and toys for 2+ year olds, toys for 1 year old boys, toys for girls, toys for kids generally, particularly one that comes with an awesome bath set, look no further.


Part Number: K101012

Details: This Peppa Pig Campervan Bath gift set is an awesome gift set for Peppa Pig fans. It comes with delightful fruity fun scented bath and shower gel, bath toys like Peppa Pig Characters, foam numbers, etc. These Peppa Pig Toys have always been fans delight and would still be so as it has everything to love about it. The Campervan is a tidy, and nifty way to pack every bath time play material, and it easily adheres to the bath with suction cups. Whether you are in the market for toys for 1 year old boys, and girls, or for kids, this delightful bath toys would put a cheer on your kid’s faces and make them look forward to bath play time. The bath and shower gel are PH neutral, with zero allergens – suitable for sensitive skin. The set includes, -Four character cut-out Peppa Pig figures, -Bath numbers, -A dazzling, brilliant blue shower puff, -And a 150ml bath and shower gel (pH neutral, with zero allergens) with a fruity fun fragrance, developed with a mild and gentle formula. -Perfect gift for Peppa Pig fans! -Approximate product dimensions: (H) 18cm x (W) 19.5cm x (D) 11.5cm

EAN: 5060946101365