Oonies 19943 Inflator Starter Pack, Multi-Colour

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Oonies are the coolest way to create anything you can imagine! now you can create even bigger designs with Uber Oonies! quickly and easily inflate October Oonies to 30 times the size of regular Oonies using the included Uber inflator. Decorate your Uber Oonies with the new stick ‘n’ style accessories and make a universe of creations. It’s super easy and super fun! play games and decorate, then re-use ‘em over and over again!

  • Make BIGGER Oonies creations again and again!
  • Inflate with the Uber Inflator!
  • Decorate & make lots of cool characters.
  • Create cool games & challenges, throw ‘em or even just pop ‘em.
  • No heat, no glue, no mess!