Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes - Allergy Relief, Natural Remedy for Hay Fever, 30 Wipes (6 Packs)

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  • EFFECTIVE HAYFEVER WIPES - Hayfever sufferers can finally find relief with Nuage Wipes. It removes and traps pollen, dust & pet allergens so you can say goodbye to a runny nose and itchy eyes.
  • NON-DRUG TREATMENT - Unlike antihistamine-based eye drops, nasal sprays, or syrup. Nuage Wipes is safe for daily use and doesn't make you drowsy —a godsend to those rendered miserable by hay fever.
  • COOLING ALLERGY WIPES - Contains peppermint & tea tree oil, known for their soothing effect. It's got a pleasant smell, which helps relieve hayfever symptoms like coughing and watery eyes.
  • BEST TRAVEL WIPES - Fits your handbag perfectly & very handy to take on a holiday. Don't let hayfever ruin your summer again—enjoy the outdoors without being too dependent on antihistamine tablets.
  • HARD-TO-FIND HAYFEVER REMEDY - Nuage Hayfever Wipes is not always available in high street shops, so better order through Amazon. Purchase this 6-pack (total of 180 wipes) by clicking 'Add to Basket'!