Mi-Mic X-Factor XF2 Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

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The X-Factor Mi-Mic Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker allows you to sing along to any song direct from your device. Whether you’re practising for your audition or simply want to sing your heart out, the X-Factor Mi-Mic puts the power in your hands.

Pair your device, put on your favourite tune and you’re ready to rock and roll. The Mi-Mic features 7 colour beat matching LED lights and an echo effect so you can really put on a show. There are also FF/RW/Pause/Play buttons and volume controls so you can take control of the music from the mic. Make the track as loud or quiet as required. Turn up to full volume to use as a conventional Bluetooth speaker or lower the volume and let your best Adele impression take centre stage.

With the X Factor Mi-Mic, you can practice for your big audition wherever you are. Up to three hours of fun from one charge. 


10 meters range

Up to 5 hours of play time

Echo function

Voice changing function

Compatible with Bluetooth devices & micro SD cards

FF/RW/Pause/Play functions

Built-in high capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

LED lights

Suitable for children ages 6 years old and up