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MATTEL Babysitter Accessories Assorted Christmas Gift toy - FREE AND FAST SHIP

If you like babies, you can now make a baby seat with this fun set. Made from top quality materials and above all durability, these babysitter sets are the utmost You will be able to take care of your baby taking a walk in his stroller, feed them with the bottle or sit on his cover. But if you prefer you can also take the other little one to the park where they can enjoy slipping on the slide or making sand castles on the sand bench along with the bucket and shovel that is included. A way to know an interesting profession with which you will have a fun world to show your Babysitter skills and take care of the little ones at home, with whom you will have fun with. Don't wait any longer and choose the one you like most. Have fun playing with your friends and collect all Barbie Babysitter models. Don't let them run! 2 models available: (pushchair or slide). Do not forget to specify the model you want in our comments section. If not specified, we will send one at random. Stroller measures approx 20cm high by 11cm wide by 7cm deep Approximate slide measures 18cm high by 10cm wide by 8cm deep Includes: 1 stroller, 1 baby and accessories or 1 slide, 1 child, sand park and accessories. Recommended age: 4 years +