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Meet Mimi, the new member of the Bloopies family. Mimi loves to be in the water and she’s a great swimmer who can swim in four different styles! When Mimi is placed in the water she moves her arms to do both front and back stroke. She can also swim with alternate arms on her front and back. Mimi loves to play with the other Bloopies and squirts water through her snorkel and through her mouth, just like they do! She can also blow bubbles too! Mimi is a very fashionable Bloopie who wears a customised swimming costume with a sparkly tutu, snorkel and fins! She also comes with a wonderful unicorn seahorse shaped rubber ring! 30cms tall.

  • Mimi includes: 1x Mimi, 1x Rubber Ring, 1 x snorkel and 1x diving fins.
  • Mimi loves to swim!
  • Place her in the water to see her arms move
  • Mimi squirts water out of her mouth and snorkel
  • Bloopies make bath time fun!