Hatchimals 6045505 Colleggtibles Coral Castle Playset

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Inside the coral castle is a magical underwater world, full of dazzle. Unfold your playset and discover all the wonders hidden at the bottom of the hatchtopian sea. With over 25 places to explore, your Hatchimals can twirl on the seashell spinner, catch the views on the sparkly perch or spin in the swivelling glitter seashell. If it so please your Hatchimals, use the royal swing to crown a queen or king of the coral castle. With the king or queen on the royal swing, your Hatchimals can take turns on the slide. Swim your friends through the glitter shower, then woosh them down the purple-pink wave, straight into the mermal pool. Fill the pool with warm water and see how your season 5 Hatchimals Change colour. With two exclusive characters included in this set, you can hatch a seashell-shaped egg and go exploring with your friends (you may even find hidden treasure, open up the pink treasure chest to see.) after your Hatchimals are finished exploring, simply close the sparkly blue gates and easily pack your playset away. Open up a world of underwater fun with the coral castle playset.

  • 25 places to play and display: Unfold the magical coral castle to discover a palace fit for adorable hatchimals with over 25 places to explore, you can twirl your Hatchimals on the seashell spinner
  • Slide into the pool: Take your Hatchimals on the ultimate ride. Swim them through the glitter shower, then slide them down the purple-pink wave, straight into the mermal pool.
  • Collect two exclusive Hatchimals: This playset comes with two exclusive Hatchimals with one in-egg and one-out-of-egg, you can use your love and care to hatch and play with your friends
  • The Hatchimals colleggtibles coral castle is a gift for kids aged five and up