Fugglers 6043983 Toy Plush, Multi Colour

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Color: Multi Colour


  • Plush creature with teeth: Fugglers are mischievous + misunderstood plush creatures with mouths full of human-like teeth. Adopt at your own risk! Please note a number of styles are available which cannot be chosen. Customers will receive a style at random
  • Weird collectible plush: There are 40 Fugglers roaming around, with sets of chompers, strange faces and weird shapes. Collect them all, but you’ve been warned!
  • Signature buttonhole: Flip your Fuggler over and you’ll find a signature Buttonhole, sewn onto their…you know. Order this mischievous creature and you may receive the rare Mr. Buttons, complete with golden buttonhole!
  • Adoption certificate included: Fugglers are for everyone aged 4+ with weird taste. If you must adopt a Fuggler, use the adoption certificate to register and name your mischievous creature on Fugglers.com!


Details: Product Description Buyers beware: adopting a Fuggler is not for the faint of heart. Mischievous + misunderstood, these Funny Ugly Monsters are up to no good. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t take home a Fuggler: let’s start with their smile. Grinning from ear-to-ear, a Fuggler’s tiny mouth is filled with human-like teeth, and their less-then-pearly whites are big, realistic and totally weird, so beware! They’re always looking for more – maybe even from your mouth. And then there are their leering, peering eyes. Make eye contact with a Fuggler and you’ll see a pair of mismatched buttons staring back, or even worse! Some have squinty little eyelids surrounding bulbous eyeballs. Each Fuggler is totally unique (not the good kind of unique). Gangly arms, pointy ears, giant heads, small heads – discover what makes your Fuggler weird. They even come with BUTTonholes sewn onto their…well, you know. While you might plan on adopting this mischievous creature you may receive a rare Mr. Buttons instead, complete with golden BUTTonhole! Safety Warning not suitable for children under 3 years Box Contains "Contents Includes: 9” Fuggler Plush, Adoption Certificate"

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 6.9 x 2.6 inches

Languages: English