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​Ribbit. ribbit. The Measure with Me! Froggy comes to life with exciting audio that encourages kids to get out and explore the world around them as they count from one to 50! With a retractable measuring tape. pre-schoolers can start to understand how different items in their environment compare. giving them context to measurement. Your pre-schooler will have a blast hopping around the house with Froggy! Inspiring little learners to be big thinkers Measurement: Pre-schoolers learn how to measure in a quantifiable way by using the measuring tape to determine the actual length of items in their environment. Making Comparisons: Pre-schoolers compare different sizes of objects and learn about things that are "longer than" or "shorter than" familiar objects. Trial & Error: Froggy encourages pre-schoolers to keep trying as they measure different objects and find one that is just the right size.

  • ​Froggy comes to life with fun audio that helps pre-schoolers learn about units of measurement by making comparisons while exploring the world around them!
  • Retractable tape measures 50 cm long. Press button on Froggy’s head to retract the tape and start again!
  • Kids can learn to count from 1-50 by 1s. 5s. and 10s
  • ​Ages 3-6 years