Hygiene Key Brass Key No Touch Tool EDC Contactless Antimicrobial Key

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Our world is changing and we have to start adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. The Hygiene Key is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which has been proven to be antimicrobial, to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks. Use this ergonomic brass hand-extension to isolate your hands from high-touch surfaces. Open doors, flip switches, pull levers, push buttons. Measuring at about 10.5cm in length and weighing at just under 80g, it is the perfect accessory for avoiding touching public surfaces. Our enhanced design is touch-screen capable and can work on all touch-screen surfaces. It can even be used to sign credit card machines. This antimicrobial EDC (everyday carry) keychain tool offering a better way to open doors & use shared surfaces like checkouts or ATMs and also makes an excellent gift for your loved ones, key workers.

  • ENHANCED DESIGN: Contactless EDC Door Opener Brass hand extender with an enhanced design which includes black clicker which works on all touch-screen surfaces including Supermarkets, ATM Screens and Mobile Phones. Ridges at the top support strong grip to prevent slipping from fingers
  • HYGIENIC: Brass has been scientifically proven to have antimicrobial (including antiviral) properties. Our product is certified brass and is a perfect alternative to wearing gloves or using bare hands on surfaces. At 10.5 cm in length, it provides enough distance between your hands and the surface.
  • SAFE: Hygiene Key Brass Key Everyday Carry is the perfect solution for germophobes or anyone else who is concerned about direct access to public elevator buttons, drawer handles/doorknobs. You can now do so without touching the surfaces directly.
  • COMPACT: This Easy To Carry Tool comes with a keyholder which you can attach to your bunch of keys, belt buckle, jeans or anywhere convenient. Weighing at under 80g per key, you will hardly notice it is on you.
  • Smart EDC Germ Utility Tool: used in conjunction with social distancing and hand sanitisers is excellent for keeping yourself assured when performing everyday activities in public. This anti-germ tool is the perfect gift for your significant other, kid, parent, office co-workers or best friend- help them stay safe and avoid germs.


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