Bestway Flowclear Polysphere Filtration Balls 500G

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Bestway 17.6 x 17.6 x 10 cm Flow Clear Polysphere Swimming Pool Reusable Filter Filtration Balls

  • Suitable for all existing Bestway sand filters
  • Provides an even more efficient way to filter your pool than sand - 1.10 lbs (500 g) of flowclear polysphere is equal to 39.68 lbs (18 kg) of sand
  • This long life product also provides high filtration - clean and clear water is reached in less time
  • Much lighter than sand - easy to carry and transport - less fuss to keep your pool in tip top condition
  • 100 percent recyclable and non-toxic PET material - you can even wash the filtration balls by hand
  • Product Description

5cm /2 ft Material: 100% PET Suitable for all existing sand filters in the Bestway range Lowest pressure increase in comparison to sand 500 g (1.10 lbs) of Flow clear Polysphere is equal to 18 kg(39.68 lbs of sand Flow clear Polysphere quantity is as follow: Sand filter Weight if using sand Weight if using Flow clear Polysphere Bestway 2,006L/h(530gal. /h) 8.5kg(18.74 lbs) 240g(0.53 lbs) Bestway 3,785L/h(1,000gal. /h) 18kg(39.68 lbs) 500g(1.10 lbs) Bestway 5,678L/h(1,500gal. /h) 25kg(55.12 lbs) 700g(1.54 lbs) Bestway 7,571L/h(2,000gal. /h) 35kg(77.16 lbs) 1000g(2.20 lbs) Notes: Flow clear Polysphere can also be used for other sand filters using 28g(0.06lbs) Flow clear Polysphere to replace for 1kg(2.20lbs) sand. Easy to carry, manipulate, and transport Low weight for easy handling Excellent filtration result and efficiency Long life product Easy to wash by hand Back washing function by Bestway sand filter not applicable Easy disposal, non toxic

Box Contains: Flow clear Polysphere 500