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Spiky Dastards, from Bananagrams, is a dangerously adorable tabletop game designed for two or more players ages 14 and up. It includes five plastic Spiky Dastard figures in various colors, 60 cards with Spiky Dastard characters printed on them, and a set of instructions.

Spiky Dastards is an easy-to-learn game that challenges players to be daring and quick, and it will ultimately strengthen their visual perception skills. To start, players can remove all 10 of the “nubby” cards from the deck. These cards depict Spiky Dastards with rounded spikes, and can be reintroduced for a new gameplay style.

After a quick shuffle of the deck, players can divide the cards into two separate piles and lay them face down on the table. Then, at the same time, two players can flip over the top card from each pile to reveal the Spiky Dastard images on the reverse side. Each card can depict either one or two Spiky Dastards. After the reveal, it’s time to be quick.

If the two cards reveal a total of one or two different characters, players must quickly identify them and reach for the Spiky Dastard figures that correspond to the images on the cards.

If the cards reveal three or four Spiky Dastards, players must identify which remaining two aren’t shown and grab those figures from the center of the table. No matter what the result is, players will either be reaching for one or two figures each round. Players earn one card for every correct figure they grab and lose one card for every wrong one they grab.

Spiky Dastards is a game in which it pays to be daring, and speed wins.

  • The gutsy grabbing game from Bananagrams
  • Spiky Dastards has 5 little figures that are so cute, you'll want to capture them all. But be careful, they're well protected!
  • Split the deck of 60 cards into 2 piles and reveal the top card from each. The pictures on the cards will indicate 1 or 2 of the figures that players must race to carefully grab. If you're able to grab one, you get a card. If you grab the wrong one, you lose a card.
  • You'll have to be daring if you want to collect the most cards and win!