Audisol® Pain Relief Spray 3x Action Formula - Twin Pack

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GREAT VALUE PACK FOR THE FAMILY!! PACK INCLUDES 2 UNITS OF AUDISOL PAIN RELIEF SPRAY (15mL). AUDISOLl Pain Relief Spray contains a unique blend of herbal, non-steroidal, natural anti-inflammatory and local analgesics. The advanced triple action formula helps to: Dissolve excessive earwax Reduce painful swelling Provide anti-infection protection Treat and prevent fungal infection Prevent dryness, itching and irritation Spray 1-2 times in each ear up to 3 times per day as needed. Adjust the spray mechanism of AUDISOLl Pain Relief Spray to a horizontal position. Press firmly and fully, downwards on the spray pump 1-2 times in each ear. Clear away any excess residue with a clean tissue or cotton wool. Use three times per day as needed. Ingredients: Olea Europaea, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Oil, Saw Palmeto Extract, Phytosterol Complex, Bisabolol, Murraya Koenigii Leaf Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Leaf Oil, Sea Whip Extract, Spearmint Oil Adults, the elderly and children over 5 years of age can use AUDISOL Pain Relief Spray Children aged 1- 5 years should receive a medical diagnosis before use.

  • Triple Action formula designed to provide relief from itching, painful swelling and irritation
  • Unique blend of herbal, non-steroidal, natural anti-inflammatory and local analgesics
  • Measured dose pump with nozzle to deliver targeted relief
  • Suitable for both children (5 years +) and adults