AquaBeads Trolls Movie Character Set Craft Kit

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Bring the colourful world of Trolls with the Aquabeads craft pearls/beads to life. Create Trollige motifs with the more than 700 beads in 15 colours. The set includes in addition, the new Pearl scraper, one craft plate, design templates and a sprayer. With Aquabeads combine the beads connect magic – similar to ironing beads. The only difference: The Craftworks without brackets and thanks to the spray of water.

  • Similar To ironing beads combine the Aquabeads pearls beads magical experience. The whole Works without Iron and only by spraying water.
  • Great craft set for children
  • Ideal gift for Christmas, Easter or birthday
  • Brings a lot of fun
  • Suitable for children from 4 years