Air Fryer Liner 7.9 inch| 100 Pcs Square Air Fryer Liners Disposable| Parchment Paper for air Fryer| Greaseproof Paper Sheet for Air Fryer| Cosori, Tower, Ninja air Fryer Accessories |Unbleached

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Brand: Fleur Foods


  • PROTECTS AND PREVENTS WEAR AND TEAR ON YOUR AIR FRYER: To protect your air fryer, keeping it clean and functional for longer, a greaseproof paper sheet or square parchment paper or air fryer liner is ideal. It is a must have air fryer accessory. This non-stick air fryer liner protects your device by keeping your food from adhering to the bottom of your air fryer, hence preventing scratches on the appliance when cooking or during cleaning, making cooking and tidying up even simpler. As time passes, your air fryer's lifespan and efficiency will increase because less scratches from stuck food or scrubbing will occur.
  • HEAT RESISTANCE FOR CRISP MEALS: Sly Sippy Air fryer liners can be used safely at very high temperatures, thanks to their premium build, which enables your food to get very hot and crisp up wonderfully while the greaseproof parchment paper protects your delicious meals from the heat source, and reduces the risk of your meals burning. You are sure to get your crispy fried texture from your foods. It is a lot simpler to use, and could also be used to quickly serve the meals onto plates for self, guests, family, and friends much quicker.
  • HIGH QUALITY AIR FRYER SHEETS: Our Air Fryer liner, is made from food grade materials, it is completely greaseproof paper, bowl shaped to serve as an impeccable square air fryer liner. It has a food-grade nonstick coating to keep your food 100% safe for daily use, waterproof and non-absorbent, ensuring that delicate food do not get stuck or damaged in the air fryer during preparation or when about to serve the meals.
  • RECYCLABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN UP: Baking papers like this disposable air fryer liner helps to efficiently keep food scraps out of the fryer and leave it as clean as new. save cleaning time and increase fryer lifespan. The ideal accessory for air fryers. Reducing Kitchen hastle and stress about spending a lot of time and effort cleaning up after eating.
  • OTHER USES: These square air fryer disposable paper liners are ideal for home/outdoor cooking, baking, camping and parties, as well as for use with square baking tins for baking or frying a variety of foods, including chips, chicken, cakes, meat, and more.

model number: SQAIRFRYERLINER01

Details: This product contains 100 Pcs of 7.9-inch unbleached square air fryer liners suitable for use with a wide range of air fryers like Philips, COSORI, Tower, Ninja, etc. However, there are certain crucial guidelines to remember when using parchment paper as an air fryer liner: Never use just parchment paper in an air fryer. So that it doesn't blow around inside and become stuck in the heating element, it must always be weighted down by your food. This is really crucial because, if you're not careful, it could start a fire. Always preheat your air fryer while it is empty, and only line the appliance just before adding food, making sure the parchment paper is adequately weighted. For airflow during cooking, always make sure your parchment paper is perforated. Your meal won't warm up or cook correctly if your parchment doesn't have any holes in it. The use of an air fryer requires good airflow. Ensure that the parchment paper is the correct size for your machine. Your fryer's bottom should be lined with it, but it shouldn't protrude excessively from the borders of the basket.

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