2Pcs Sly Sippy Halloween Gnome Ornaments, Plush Toy

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HANDMADE HALLOWEEN GNOMES: Every Halloween gonk is made of environmentally friendly materials, including handmade toys that serve as Halloween decorations. These Halloween Gonks are made of soft felt, cotton fabric, fibre long beard, and tall hat. They can be used with other Halloween and autumn home décor like pumpkin decorations, and skull garlands, among others.

GIFT FOR HALLOWEEN: The Halloween Gonk Plush gnome toy can be used with your other spooky Halloween decorations, making it a good gift to give to family and friends to bring them happiness, and cheer and bring in the Halloween feeling. The gnome is a good Halloween home décor item and can be used as fall decorations, Halloween table decorations, alongside autumn gonks and other gonks, pumpkin ornaments, and other Halloween plush toys.

ADORABLE ADDITION TO HOME DECOR: These Autumn Gonks blend well with a variety of home decor like Halloween baubles, autumn leaf garlands, autumn wreath decorations, and many other fall décor. Autumn Gonks are perfect as Halloween decorations for your home table and would be a festive addition to your shelf, table, and home decoration. Add cute Halloween decorations to your autumn home decorations with this adorable gnome.

PERFECT HALLOWEEN GIFT FOR KIDS: This adorable gnome comews perfect for spreading Holiday spirit, and providing good luck. Can serve as a birthday gonk. Perfect for Halloween gifts to family & friends or someone who collects gnomes, they will love these cute ornaments!

BRING GOOD LUCK ON HALLOWEEN: These gonk toys. Gnome, also known as Tomte or Nisse, is an elf creature from Scandinavian mythology that protects and brings good fortune to family and is seen as the spirit that leads wealth, love, and health back home. these adorable plush gnome toys, with their full beards and button noses make one of such Tomte Nordic Swedish Nisse toy decorations and would bring you good luck and joy on Halloween. A welcome addition to an already spooky Halloween decoration